Loisaba Snifferdogs

Two nights ago, Ekaran our Dog handler received a call for assistance from our sniffer dogs Machine and Warrior, following an incident at Ol Gaboli Community Bandas. A small Community lodge run by the Ilmotiok Community.

Early the next morning, Ekaran prepared the dogs and the equipment and arrived at the scene at first light. Inspection of the scene showed 6 foot tracks of people believed to have broken into the Community Bandas.

Ekaran took the scent and gave it to Machine who immediately started to trail. He trailed through bushes, crossing streams and led on to a Manyatta, after circling the boma he left and continued trailing. Machine continued for a further 4km and then entered another boma, circling it again and finally another.

The police chief and community elders decided to search all the bomas that Machine had entered, where they found all the stolen items: 4 mattresses, 6 new blankets, 14 sheets and 2 thermoses. The owners of these houses were arrested and Ekaran, Machine and Warrior returned back to Loisaba leaving the matter to the police.

The Community Chiefs and Elders were very grateful for the assistance and gave thanks to the Loisaba Conservancy Dog Unit for helping to recover the stolen items.