April 2020 Updates

Conservation & Wildlife Security

Elephant Calf Rescue

On Saturday 18th April, our security team was called to the rescue of a baby elephant that had fallen into a well on a neighbouring property and attacked by hyenas, resulting in the loss of most of his trunk.

Our Loisaba rangers managed to free him from the well and transported him back to Loisaba, where he was flown to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary by Tropic Air. Here he will receive the critical care that he needs and hopefully one day be released back into the wild.

He is doing remarkably well at Reteti, and has been named ‘Longuro’ – meaning ‘someone who has lost a limb’ in Samburu.

Longuro at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary


Giraffe Rescue

On Friday 24th April, Loisaba’s rangers spotted an adult reticulated giraffe that had a snare caught around his leg. In partnership with KWS, the giraffe was darted and the snare removed successfully.


KWS vet waiting for the giraffe to recover from the anesthetic after successful removal of the snare.



During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are continuing to support our local communities. On the 29th, a Health Outreach clinic was held at a neighbouring town with little access to healthcare – where 110 patients were treated for minor illnesses. They were also educated about COVID-19 with the team giving information on the symptoms and preventative measures, including teaching the children social distancing.

Our Clinical Health Officer, Kaltuma, attending to patients at Morijo.

Due to the virus, many people have lost their jobs and are struggling to feed their families. This month, we were able to donate food supplies to 200 households in our neighbouring communities. If you would like to help us support local communities, please donate today. Even a small amount will go a long way!

We have also donated USD 7,500 to the Laikipia County “Komesha Corona” (Put an End to Corona) Emergency Fund. This government led initiative is helping to deliver food packages to the families in Laikipia who are struggling with loss of employment and high food prices.

Many thanks to our partners and donors who have enabled us to continue community support.

Koija community receiving food supplies.


Photos of the Month

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© Murad Habib

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If you have any photos from your stay at Loisaba that you would like featuring on our social media, please email them stating how you would like it to be credited to Hannah at [email protected]!


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