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Loisaba Conservation Center Opens in Laikipia, Kenya

Center Raises Awareness of Challenges Facing Elephants and Giraffes   As poachers continue to kill thousands of elephants across Africa and an increasing number of giraffes, organizations throughout Kenya are banding together to develop strategies to help curtail the illegal killing of these iconic animals. Education is one of these key strategies. To share information […]

A day of celebration at Morijo Primary School!

A colorful day of celebration was held at Morijo Primary school last week. Despite being the school holidays, students, their parents and the Morijo community all gathered to celebrate the arrival of 38 desks and text books, generously donated to the school by San Diego Zoo Global. Moijo Primary School is situated in Kirimon Conservancy […]

Living with Leopards: Community conflicts in northern Kenya

Photo: © Hannah Campbell 2016 By: Kirstie Ruppert (San Diego Zoo Global) “Do leopards cause you any problems?” Your answer to this question likely depends on where you live in the world and your primary source of income. When this question was asked to community members around Loisaba Conservancy, 75% of people said yes, that […]

Kenya’s future conservationists

The future of Laikipia, Kenya and the continent as a whole lies firmly in the hands of the new generation and the decisions they will make in due course. Loisaba Conservancy recognizes the importance of creating stewards of the natural environment to safeguard this spectacular country. Consequently, we have developed a programme to connect children […]

Elephants on the frontline

On Thursday morning Amos Chege, our Conservation Officer, received an urgent report from the Starbeds Lodge manager, a malnourished looking elephant calf had been spotted. He immediately rushed to the scene, easily located the calf and carefully observed the situation – to avoid making any rash decisions. Amos observed the elephant calf try to join […]

Eyes in the Sky at Loisaba

With 56,000 acres of land to protect, what better means to do so other than by air? Loisaba Conservancy’s latest venture introduces their new Aerial Unit with “Kathy”, our very own Piper Super Cub. She may be small and rugged but she is ideally suited for the flying required at Loisaba. Her large windows provide […]

Machine on the trail…

Two nights ago, Ekaran our Dog handler received a call for assistance from our sniffer dogs Machine and Warrior, following an incident at Ol Gaboli Community Bandas. A small Community lodge run by the Ilmotiok Community. Early the next morning, Ekaran prepared the dogs and the equipment and arrived at the scene at first light. […]

Luring wild, camera-shy leopards into getting their photo taken

By: Nicholas Pilfold, Ph.D., San Diego Zoo Global Dr. Nicholas Pilfold is a Large Carnivore Specialist with the Institute for Conservation Research at San Diego Zoo Global, and is a co-investigator for the Leopard Conservation Project. The aims of the Leopard Conservation Project are to better understand the ecology of leopards living on Loisaba Conservancy […]

The Phoenix has risen from the ashes

After a roaring bush fire which burnt down the existing Lodge and Private House in October 2013, The Phoenix has now risen from the ashes. On the 1st of May we proudly opened our doors to The new Loisaba Tented Camp. Partnered with The Elewana Collection, the Camp sits on the same beautiful site which […]