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The Loisaba Community Conservation Foundation

Loisaba Community Conservation FoundationIn an agreed and documented partnership, Loisaba’s community impact fundraising partner is the Loisaba Community Conservation Foundation (LCCF), an American registered charitable trust. It aims to assist the areas surrounding Loisaba by improving Education, Healthcare, encouraging community driven enterprise and fostering the development of philanthropic based community initiatives.

The Foundation has already granted: 9 scholarships to primary schools, 51 scholarships to secondary schools and 22 to college/university since its inception in 2000. It has built classrooms, paid teachers salaries and provided education supplies for hundreds of children. In 2003, in conjunction with AMREF and the Kenyan Government, the LCCF built the Ewaso Health Centre, which serves 400 patients a month in this previously ill-served area, in recent years an additional 2 rooms have been built at the clinic, plus a maternity facility and a borehole to provide constant running water. At the School, classrooms have been built, a boys and girls dormitory, nine teachers houses and a fully equipped library.

LCCF has initiated and supported numerous projects to help the local community, from the Koija Woman’s group who create the most beautiful beadwork, to the Koija Starbeds, which are a community owned tourism initiative.