Horris is a talented and ambitious Conservation Scientist with immense work experience, having worked as a rhino and elephant scientist with KWS in Tsavo Conservancy for over nine years. Horris started work with Loisaba Conservancy and Space for Giants in May 2019, after completing a Master’s Degree focusing on the population performance of black rhino in Tsavo. He has also participated in numerous international fellowships in London, Madagascar and Namibia, and is an accredited member of the IUCN African Rhino Specialist Group (AfRSG) . He is responsible for identifying & monitoring elephants in Loisaba Conservancy, supervising implementing a mobile wildlife monitoring tool – SMART (Species Monitoring and Recording Tool), and assisting research on an invasive cactus that is taking over parts of Northern Kenya. Horris will also play an important role in our ambition to re-introduce rhino to Loisaba!