Things to do


Loisaba is made for adventure, guests can enjoy complete freedom to choose how they spend their time so the only barrier is your own imagination. Trek through the bush with camels, mountain bike down the escarpment, horseback ride or drive through the plains and really explore this vast and beautiful conservancy.

Game Drives

One of the best ways to view the wildlife at Loisaba is from a safari converted Land Rover on a game drive. Whether you choose to go out early in the morning or later on in the afternoon, a KPSGA (Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association) qualified guide will take you across the open plains, through the central scrub area or along the river.

As a haven for over 260 bird and 50 mammal species, guests can spend time with towers of endangered reticulated giraffes, herds of elephants and endangered Grevy’s zebra, prides of lions, cheetahs and elusive leopards. African wild dogs, thought for many years to be extinct in the region, are once again being sighted at Loisaba. If you are interested in learning about or meeting with our research partners, please do let us know.

Bush Walks

A great way to view Loisaba is on foot. You will be accompanied by your guide as well as a ranger whose knowledge of local flora, fauna and history is unmatched.

Horse Riding

Experience the unique exhilaration of riding on the plains with a herd of zebra, walking gently through a graceful tower of giraffes or past a herd of elephants.

On horseback it is possible to get unusually close to wildlife and our horses and ponies have all been reared from birth in the bush so are quite accustomed to its presence. You will be required to confirm your experience before riding out with our team.

Camel Riding

The traditional mode of transport in the drylands of Northern Kenya and another great way to experience Loisaba.

Cultural Visits

For a unique cultural experience, spend an afternoon in our neighbouring community and visit a traditional manyatta (village) and experience the local way of life, watch them dance and view some of their beadwork.

Mountain Biking

For the spirited adventurer – Loisaba Conservancy is equipped with mountain bikes which offer a unique way to explore some of Loisaba’s varied terrain and stunning scenery.


Fishing can be arranged in the river and dams all year round. Equipment, both modern and traditional, can be supplied together with drinks and a picnic.

The Dog Team

Loisaba has its own dedicated anti-poaching team, comprising of two sniffer dogs – Nanyokie and Memusi – and their handler team. Visit the headquarters and learn about their day to day training and activities, as well as participating in an anti-poaching demonstration.