With 56,000 acres of land to protect, what better means to do so other than by air? Loisaba Conservancy’s latest venture introduces their new Aerial Unit with “Kathy”, our very own Piper Super Cub.

She may be small and rugged but she is ideally suited for the flying required at Loisaba. Her large windows provide excellent visibility for ground observations and are quintessential to working alongside Loisaba Conservancy’s extensive ground patrol units.

As with most protected areas, there will always be some unauthorised visitors. Kathy will provide additional support to the ground teams in ensuring Laikipia’s elephant populations and other game remain safe, the grazing pressure is managed and any other forms of illegal activities that may take place on Loisaba Conservancy are prevented.

It is a critical time for wildlife conservation in Northern Kenya. Over the years, grazing pressure has increased substantially, threatening conservation efforts. With aerial support, this threat can be better mitigated and managed. Kathy will be taking part in the Aerial count of Elephants and other large mammals in the Laikipia-Samburu-Marsabit-Meru Ecosystems taking place in November.

Loisaba Conservancy is proud and excited to introduce Kathy to the conservation and security teams. A huge thank you to The Nature Conservancy and their generous donors who have enabled this to happen!

By: Izzy Parsons

Loisaba Snifferdogs

Two nights ago, Ekaran our Dog handler received a call for assistance from our sniffer dogs Machine and Warrior, following an incident at Ol Gaboli Community Bandas. A small Community lodge run by the Ilmotiok Community.

Early the next morning, Ekaran prepared the dogs and the equipment and arrived at the scene at first light. Inspection of the scene showed 6 foot tracks of people believed to have broken into the Community Bandas.

Ekaran took the scent and gave it to Machine who immediately started to trail. He trailed through bushes, crossing streams and led on to a Manyatta, after circling the boma he left and continued trailing. Machine continued for a further 4km and then entered another boma, circling it again and finally another.

The police chief and community elders decided to search all the bomas that Machine had entered, where they found all the stolen items: 4 mattresses, 6 new blankets, 14 sheets and 2 thermoses. The owners of these houses were arrested and Ekaran, Machine and Warrior returned back to Loisaba leaving the matter to the police.

The Community Chiefs and Elders were very grateful for the assistance and gave thanks to the Loisaba Conservancy Dog Unit for helping to recover the stolen items.

Loisaba Tented Camp

After a roaring bush fire which burnt down the existing Lodge and Private House in October 2013, The Phoenix has now risen from the ashes. On the 1st of May we proudly opened our doors to The new Loisaba Tented Camp. Partnered with The Elewana Collection, the Camp sits on the same beautiful site which Carlotta Ancelotti chose decades ago as the site of his house.

With the most breath-taking view looking towards Mt Kenya, Loisaba Tented Camp is perched high on the edge of an escarpment, with a frequently visited waterhole below one can enjoy all of the expansive view from the comfort of their veranda. Come and enjoy this little taste of wilderness…

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Loisaba herd of Elephants | ©Photo by Maurice Schutgens

In December 2014 with a vision to keeping this wilderness intact for future generations The Nature Conservancy facilitated the purchase of the 56,000 acre Loisaba Conservancy and the subsequent transition to the Loisaba Community Trust. The Nature Conservancy’s move to ‘protect and preserve’ the land ensures that we can continue to support the wildlife, the communities and all Kenyans for the foreseeable future.

Loisaba represents the single largest conservation investment in East Africa in 2014/15 and was born from a partnership between The Nature Conservancy, Space for Giants and The Northern Rangelands Trust.  With Tourism and cattle as the main sources of revenue, the aim is to be self sustainable supporting this vital piece of land.

As Tom Sivester, CEO of the Loisaba Conservancy explained: ‘The expression we always had was “forever” – we want Loisaba to be wild and for elephants to be able to walk across it forever, and I think we achieved that aim. It’s now locked up for conservation forever.’