The Loisaba Story

Loisaba is a 57,000 acre wildlife conservancy and working ranch located in Northern Laikipia, Kenya, East Africa. The two permanent rivers and abundant permanent springs make Loisaba attractive to wildlife throughout the year.

The previous owners the Ancilotto family, who bought the land in the early 1970’s, managed it as a low impact cattle ranch and tourist destination with a vision to keeping this wilderness intact for wildlife and future generations. Count Ancilotto achieved this largely by leasing the land in 1997 to a group of young Kenyans and an American Investor who created the Loisaba brand and managed it as a successful conservation, tourism and ranching business until December 2014 when, supported by generous donors, The Nature Conservancy and Space for Giants facilitated the transfer of ownership of the property and operating companies to the Loisaba Community Trust.

The Nature Conservancy, Space for Giants and The Loisaba Community Trust continue to ensure Loisaba remains a catalyst for community development, a hub for wildlife research, and a world-class ecotourism destination offering unique opportunities for guests to become part of the Loisaba story both during their visit and for years to come.

Loisaba is also part of a larger story that extends well beyond its borders. It sits on the western edge of one of Kenya’s most important elephant movement corridors. Keeping this land, and a 15 million acre landscape of nearby community lands intact and functioning for wildlife, livestock, and northern Kenya’s pastoralist people is being achieved largely through creating community conservancies boarding Loisaba.

As we work together to protect this vital piece of land, we believe Loisaba is a model for integrated conservation and social impact that catalyzes peace and security across the Ewaso Ecosystem for people and nature in perpetuity.

Loisaba herd of Elephants | ©Photo by Maurice Schutgens

Our Location

Loisaba Conservancy is located in Northern Laikipia, Kenya.

Loisaba is a critical piece of the larger landscape connecting Laikipia to Samburu and Isiolo counties helping to ensure that a well-used wildlife and livestock movement corridor is protected. Importantly it serves as a keystone property in the landscape bringing community conservancies and privately managed lands together, by providing both a physical and institutional connection Loisaba increases the potential for greater stability and resilience in the entire socio-ecological Ewaso ecosystem.

Our Mission

Our mission it to protect and enhance critical wildlife diversity, abundance and habitat in the Loisaba landscape while concurrently supporting sustainable livestock production and improving the lives of neighboring communities.  Both Tourism and Livestock bring revenue to the land, in an aim to being self-sustainable and offer over 200 jobs to local communities.

©Photo by Ami Vitale

Our Core Values

Loisaba Conservancy’s core values are:

  • Respect for traditional pastoral values, livelihoods and grazing areas
  • Belief that strong local democracy in community lands is paramount to success
  • Recognition that wildlife and livestock can and need to co-exist
  • Belief that conservation can pay and bring benefit to local communities
  • Support of an inclusive workplace that promotes diversity
  • Commitment to achieving credible, measurable results

Our Key Strategies

  • Protect critical wildlife habitat within Loisaba
  • Expand the scale of community conservancies in the landscape
  • Create a sustainable business model for Laikipia
  • Ensure regional grazing stability that starts at Loisaba
  • Enhance regional peace and security
  • Be a model for catalyzing collaborative partnerships and science

Our Environment

  • Sustainability – power, water and soils will be managed to maintain their productive capacity for long term sustainable outputs. For example: reusable power sources, such as the solar systems in place at tourism facilities.
  • Waste Management – we are committed to management of all of our waste in an environmentally sustainable and ecologically efficient manner. BioBox and Reedbed water recycling systems are currently in use in the tourism facilities.

The Community Cooker is another example we have of ensuring that we keep waste to a minimum.

The Wildlife

The conservancy is a haven for more than 260 species of birds and 50 species of mammal.  Alongside the more common wildlife we are proud to have over 800 elephants who roam across Loisaba, large herds of buffalo, dozens of the endangered Grevys Zebra, reticulated giraffe and the beautiful Greater Kudu. Our Cat population is thriving, with over three prides of Lion on Loisaba at one time and numerous Leopard and Cheetah sightings. To top it off the Wild dog, thought for many years to be extinct in the region, are once again being sighted regularly and often denning on Loisaba.

©Photo by Silverless

Our Partners

Through board positions and memorandums of understanding Loisaba works closely with the organisations below. Our relationships extend to collaborative wildlife research, lions , elephants and giraffe, a livestock to market programme and as a community conservancy support center.